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Beauty of Texas, Colorado, and the Great Northwest
Cross prominently displayed on Shoe Peg Mountain with Nueces Lake in backgroundSunset over the Nueces River at Barksdale, TexasNueces River flows through old Hackberry CommunitySwimming hole on Can CreekSwans on the East Prong Nueces RiverTranquil countryside at Enchanted RockGuadalupe flowing slowly at WaringNear White Bird PassSerene setting on the North Prong of the Medina RiverLeslie GulchBig Indian GorgeValley Creek and Sawtooth RangeRedfish Lake Creek with Grand MogulOphir NeedlesHistoric barn at the James Cant RanchParks Peak and Pettit LakeSalmon River, Lower Stanley, and the Sawtooth RangeForest drive near Wallowa Mountains